happy halloween!

one of the Noh Mercy Gang from the brilliant
Prince of Cats by Ron Wimberly.

8.5x11, ink on paper, digital color.



it's the two year anniversary of this blog.


I set up an email newsletter account.
sign up for info on upcoming releases of
prints, books, original art sales, and
anything else that may need mentioning.

sorry for the lack of updates recently,
been really busy with work, work and work.
hopefully the first newsletter will go out soon
with some cool info of the things that I have
been working on.



I had to turn off the comments.
I was getting about 14 spam
comments a day, and it just got
too annoying.
something about that Squid King
post attracted them like flies.

but you can always drop me an email
if you really need to comment
or ask a question.