fan art: Squid King

I kinda blew the fan art "week."
drawing other people's IP has
never really been of huge
interest to me, but this and
Parker were really fun, and
pushed outside my wheelhouse,
so I'll probably keep doing these
for a while.

today is Ben Templesmith's Squid King.
what a great design!!


ink on paper, digital color.
study for a possible future.

final files for Small Hotel | volume two
are done and will be going to the printer
this week.
$20 + shipping for the regular edition,
$60 + shipping for the "Our Own Secret Pose"
-sketch edition, which comes with an 8x5 inch
ink sketch. Sketches are pre drawn,  
and will be packaged at random.

shipping is like $5 in the continental US,
and once I have a copy I'll figure out the
international shipping. this is just a heads up.

as I'm pre drawing all the sketch editions,
which I've decided to be a surprise upon arrival,
and working on some commissions, I won't have
much to show for the next two weeks or so.
I'll try and do some more "fan art" since that
fizzled fast, but no promises.

signed with ink stained fingers,
in fingerprints left behind,


fan art week: Parker

The Man With the Getaway Face.

kind of out of it this week. busy, tired,
etc… so, a bunch of fan art this week.
probably end up selling most of it, too.

...if that’s your thing.