little sword

preliminary/work in progress

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who bought
some art recently, either through the blog postings,
or privately.  with your help I’ve managed to pay
off the medical bills I have received up to this point.
thank you. with the most sincere appreciation I can’t
properly express. thank you.

having put a lot of that behind me I am able to get a
small initial run of Small Hotel Two printed, just as
soon as I (once again) finish up the last piece for it.
swear to god this time. the line up changed a bit due
to some circumstances beyond my control -
plans changed and plans still here.

Prints are something I’m looking into still.
Meridian, and after…I just need to get this book done.

any inquiries can be sent to uselessarm @ gmail .com
I am on instagram @r_sail
I am not on facebook.