a warm up sketch thing I did this
morning in the dirty old styles.
really liked this one. lots of energy
in the lines and acrylic splotches.

there's a thread about my work on the
ExpressoBeans forum, if you're interested.

they're trying to get me to do a
sketch edition of Small Hotel vol. 2...
I haven't agreed to anything,
but you can put your name on the
potential list and keep up to date
on other things, like potential prints
or ask questions or whathaveyou.

I'm out for the weekend. stay frosty.


The Anchorite.

I started this as a prelim; I'm not
sure if I'll return to it or not.

Maybe I'll do it as a larger, full
watercolor, or maybe this is it.
Either way, part of a new project
I've started working on.


I try not to hold my breath

coming soon. 40 pages, $20. 8x10 landscape. full color.


The Widow.

the last piece for Small Hotel | volume two.
working on layouts, then off to the printer!!


little sword

preliminary/work in progress

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who bought
some art recently, either through the blog postings,
or privately.  with your help I’ve managed to pay
off the medical bills I have received up to this point.
thank you. with the most sincere appreciation I can’t
properly express. thank you.

having put a lot of that behind me I am able to get a
small initial run of Small Hotel Two printed, just as
soon as I (once again) finish up the last piece for it.
swear to god this time. the line up changed a bit due
to some circumstances beyond my control -
plans changed and plans still here.

Prints are something I’m looking into still.
Meridian, and after…I just need to get this book done.

any inquiries can be sent to uselessarm @ gmail .com
I am on instagram @r_sail
I am not on facebook.