handle with care.

some drawing from today…
I’ll probably sell this, but I thought it
might be cool to get it framed up first
and sell it then. it’s not a real big piece,
and that might make it a nicer package
instead of just a drawing. we’ll see, though.


The Anchorite. SOLD

Sold. thank you so much for the support!

for sale. 8 1/2x11
ink, wash & acrylic on paper.
$150. Shipping based on location.

first email to uselessarm at gmail gets it.



 edit: that didn't work.

are people way more interested in buying a print than originals?
I get asked about prints pretty often, but the upfront cash is tough.

If I offered a limited print of this piece would people be down for a pre order?

drop a comment or an email to uselessarm at gmail and let me know.


Therapy II

thanks for all the kind words, re blogs, re tweets,
likes, and interest in buying some art. I'm flattered
that people like what I do enough to spend their
hard earned money on it.

thank you thank you thank you.

unfortunately I won't be doing any prints, as that
requires upfront cost that I can't afford. that also
leaves Small Hotel | volume two in limbo...
unfortunately. I'm going to try my hardest to make
it happen soon as I can; right now it's just not possible.

as for the art sales, keep an eye over the next week.


Therapy. (WIP)

Last week I took a nasty fall, and busted up my face.
A god awful amount of stitches and an as of yet unknown
quantity of scars later, I am on the mend.

However, I am going to be selling some original art over the
next few weeks to help with the medical bills, and general
daily needs as I haven't been able to work since completely
fucking myself up.

if you're interested drop an email to uselessarm at gmail dot com.
or just keep an eye on the blog as I'll be listing stuff here. 

as always, thanks for looking.