she answered his greeting in a voice as
pleasant as that of a songbird…

today's drawing. from an upcoming new project.


a study in anatomy

posted this on instagram the other day.
this is what it actually looks like...
except for the digital color on her heart.
I'm running pretty high on an anatomy kick;
just some studies and tests. we'll see...


field drawings from a life of small fires.

a warm up. late in the day, but I got there eventually.

I’m hoping Charles and I can sit down this
week and bang out the layout and details of
Small Hotel | volume two and finally finally
finally be done with that.

he is a busy man, and so, with all things, comes time.

I am immeasurably proud of the work in the book
and I know Charles will do a stunning job of making
it a cohesive and beautiful book. I hope you’ll like it
and consider it worth the wait. I think it was.

in other news I will probably try out a small run of
a single print this summer. I’d love to do a small book
of the field drawings in all their terrible hipstamatic
glory, as well. but these are more things that come in time.

keep the fires burning.


more time and more ink

did a time lapse drawing today.
ran out of storage on my phone
so that's where I stopped drawing.

I get a lot of questions about what
I use to create my drawings so...
you can now see that it is, in fact,
all done with ink and brushes. word.


back to Small Hotel.


ink and time and papercuts.

Rutti - 11x17 ink, red acrylic.

the final nail in the Small Hotel volume two coffin.

we'll get it off to the printers just as soon as we can.

I've been posting warm-up sketches on instagram (r_sail).
I'd love to do a small square book of those down the line.

is there interest in prints? I'm going to look into prints.
if Small Hotel doesn't bankrupt me, I'll do some prints,
but I need to hear from people who want to buy them.
I can't front costs on dead stock nobody wants. 

leave a comment. drop an email. etc.