Chinese New Year

happy Chinese New Year!!
year of the water dragon.


the heart of winter

working on an interim Small Hotel book.
I'd like to get it out pretty soon, but that
ends up depending on how quickly I can
actually get the work done, and printed.

10x8 portrait format - 16-20 pages - $8-10

just a fun little diversion while I figure out
the actual Small Hotel | volume two and how
I'm going to print it and pay for it etc.

the 30 Days book from 3A Publishing should be
out before too long, but Ashley has some other
books in line first. we'll get there soon enough.


talk of yesterday

(30 minute gestural)

with no plans or destination we dashed
into the night and found ourselves in a
vortex of friendship. we stumbled over
our pasts and futures and when the clock
struck twelve we kissed and yelled and
raised our glasses to our possible futures
and probable pasts.

thank you, friends. for being old and new
all at once. for being you, for being us,
and for being with us.

we are so glad we found you.

say tomorrow and...