with the show rapidly approaching I haven't
had time to do much drawing outside of the
show piece, but I was asked to do a piece for
a secret santa thing for someone, so...



happy to announce www.uselessarm.com is now live.
big thanks to my friend Mike for putting it together!
check out Mike @ www.mikemehiel.com ...and uh,
be sure to check out my site, too!

sign up for my email newsletter on the site, and if you
missed the one I just sent, you can view it here:



some Ma.K (ThreeA) fan art.
always been a really big fan of the
Ma.K designs and universe.
this is 3 separate sheets put together
in Photoshop, but it is all ink on paper.



this finally got announced yesterday.
Ashley Wood's new artist line of books
through his 3A Publishing division.

Each volume will focus on a different artist,
mine is number three. out some time early in
2013. I'll keep you posted about the release.

twenty four images. some as of yet unseen.
all reproduced as close to the originals as possible.

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miss out! http://eepurl.com/qWbpf



a prelim I've been messing with the last few days.


happy halloween!

one of the Noh Mercy Gang from the brilliant
Prince of Cats by Ron Wimberly.

8.5x11, ink on paper, digital color.



it's the two year anniversary of this blog.


I set up an email newsletter account.
sign up for info on upcoming releases of
prints, books, original art sales, and
anything else that may need mentioning.

sorry for the lack of updates recently,
been really busy with work, work and work.
hopefully the first newsletter will go out soon
with some cool info of the things that I have
been working on.



I had to turn off the comments.
I was getting about 14 spam
comments a day, and it just got
too annoying.
something about that Squid King
post attracted them like flies.

but you can always drop me an email
if you really need to comment
or ask a question. 


fan art: Squid King

I kinda blew the fan art "week."
drawing other people's IP has
never really been of huge
interest to me, but this and
Parker were really fun, and
pushed outside my wheelhouse,
so I'll probably keep doing these
for a while.

today is Ben Templesmith's Squid King.
what a great design!!


ink on paper, digital color.
study for a possible future.

final files for Small Hotel | volume two
are done and will be going to the printer
this week.
$20 + shipping for the regular edition,
$60 + shipping for the "Our Own Secret Pose"
-sketch edition, which comes with an 8x5 inch
ink sketch. Sketches are pre drawn,  
and will be packaged at random.

shipping is like $5 in the continental US,
and once I have a copy I'll figure out the
international shipping. this is just a heads up.

as I'm pre drawing all the sketch editions,
which I've decided to be a surprise upon arrival,
and working on some commissions, I won't have
much to show for the next two weeks or so.
I'll try and do some more "fan art" since that
fizzled fast, but no promises.

signed with ink stained fingers,
in fingerprints left behind,


fan art week: Parker

The Man With the Getaway Face.

kind of out of it this week. busy, tired,
etc… so, a bunch of fan art this week.
probably end up selling most of it, too.

...if that’s your thing.



a warm up sketch thing I did this
morning in the dirty old styles.
really liked this one. lots of energy
in the lines and acrylic splotches.

there's a thread about my work on the
ExpressoBeans forum, if you're interested.

they're trying to get me to do a
sketch edition of Small Hotel vol. 2...
I haven't agreed to anything,
but you can put your name on the
potential list and keep up to date
on other things, like potential prints
or ask questions or whathaveyou.

I'm out for the weekend. stay frosty.


The Anchorite.

I started this as a prelim; I'm not
sure if I'll return to it or not.

Maybe I'll do it as a larger, full
watercolor, or maybe this is it.
Either way, part of a new project
I've started working on.


I try not to hold my breath

coming soon. 40 pages, $20. 8x10 landscape. full color.


The Widow.

the last piece for Small Hotel | volume two.
working on layouts, then off to the printer!!


little sword

preliminary/work in progress

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who bought
some art recently, either through the blog postings,
or privately.  with your help I’ve managed to pay
off the medical bills I have received up to this point.
thank you. with the most sincere appreciation I can’t
properly express. thank you.

having put a lot of that behind me I am able to get a
small initial run of Small Hotel Two printed, just as
soon as I (once again) finish up the last piece for it.
swear to god this time. the line up changed a bit due
to some circumstances beyond my control -
plans changed and plans still here.

Prints are something I’m looking into still.
Meridian, and after…I just need to get this book done.

any inquiries can be sent to uselessarm @ gmail .com
I am on instagram @r_sail
I am not on facebook.


Gravity. SOLD

SOLD. thank you!! 

up for sale. 11x17 inches. ink and acrylic on paper. 


uselessarm @ gmail 
first come, first served.


Meridian, or...

Whoever You Are in the Light.
(sic transit gloria mundi)


handle with care.

some drawing from today…
I’ll probably sell this, but I thought it
might be cool to get it framed up first
and sell it then. it’s not a real big piece,
and that might make it a nicer package
instead of just a drawing. we’ll see, though.


The Anchorite. SOLD

Sold. thank you so much for the support!

for sale. 8 1/2x11
ink, wash & acrylic on paper.
$150. Shipping based on location.

first email to uselessarm at gmail gets it.



 edit: that didn't work.

are people way more interested in buying a print than originals?
I get asked about prints pretty often, but the upfront cash is tough.

If I offered a limited print of this piece would people be down for a pre order?

drop a comment or an email to uselessarm at gmail and let me know.


Therapy II

thanks for all the kind words, re blogs, re tweets,
likes, and interest in buying some art. I'm flattered
that people like what I do enough to spend their
hard earned money on it.

thank you thank you thank you.

unfortunately I won't be doing any prints, as that
requires upfront cost that I can't afford. that also
leaves Small Hotel | volume two in limbo...
unfortunately. I'm going to try my hardest to make
it happen soon as I can; right now it's just not possible.

as for the art sales, keep an eye over the next week.


Therapy. (WIP)

Last week I took a nasty fall, and busted up my face.
A god awful amount of stitches and an as of yet unknown
quantity of scars later, I am on the mend.

However, I am going to be selling some original art over the
next few weeks to help with the medical bills, and general
daily needs as I haven't been able to work since completely
fucking myself up.

if you're interested drop an email to uselessarm at gmail dot com.
or just keep an eye on the blog as I'll be listing stuff here. 

as always, thanks for looking.


true sparrows

a few days ago I sprained my left thumb.
I am right handed, but it still got in the way
of drawing. the immense pain and all.

so, back at it. a little shaky and uncertain.
it’s amazing the stability your left hand
provides, and how not having that fucks
your whole ability and process. anyway.

last night I dreamt about snow.
also? trees are fucking fun to draw.
I always forget that.



she answered his greeting in a voice as
pleasant as that of a songbird…

today's drawing. from an upcoming new project.


a study in anatomy

posted this on instagram the other day.
this is what it actually looks like...
except for the digital color on her heart.
I'm running pretty high on an anatomy kick;
just some studies and tests. we'll see...


field drawings from a life of small fires.

a warm up. late in the day, but I got there eventually.

I’m hoping Charles and I can sit down this
week and bang out the layout and details of
Small Hotel | volume two and finally finally
finally be done with that.

he is a busy man, and so, with all things, comes time.

I am immeasurably proud of the work in the book
and I know Charles will do a stunning job of making
it a cohesive and beautiful book. I hope you’ll like it
and consider it worth the wait. I think it was.

in other news I will probably try out a small run of
a single print this summer. I’d love to do a small book
of the field drawings in all their terrible hipstamatic
glory, as well. but these are more things that come in time.

keep the fires burning.


more time and more ink

did a time lapse drawing today.
ran out of storage on my phone
so that's where I stopped drawing.

I get a lot of questions about what
I use to create my drawings so...
you can now see that it is, in fact,
all done with ink and brushes. word.


back to Small Hotel.


ink and time and papercuts.

Rutti - 11x17 ink, red acrylic.

the final nail in the Small Hotel volume two coffin.

we'll get it off to the printers just as soon as we can.

I've been posting warm-up sketches on instagram (r_sail).
I'd love to do a small square book of those down the line.

is there interest in prints? I'm going to look into prints.
if Small Hotel doesn't bankrupt me, I'll do some prints,
but I need to hear from people who want to buy them.
I can't front costs on dead stock nobody wants. 

leave a comment. drop an email. etc. 


part two.

today's warm up.

this is a title page from The People of Paper.
it is one of my favorite books and it has been
pretty fitting given everything going on lately.
(credit where it's due; I just reproduced it.)

I'm finishing up the final odds and ends of
Small Hotel | volume two as fast as I can.
and with that it felt like a good point to put
a period, close a chapter and move on.

I opened up a Tumblr version of this blog.
if you're on there, you can like and re blog
and all that great tumblr shit, if you prefer.
otherwise, it's just a mirror of this blog.

so; part two...


field drawings...

from a life of impossible odds.

a warm up drawing. I do these to feel out
how confident my line does or does not feel
on any particular day. usually from found
photos I've collected from various places.
they have no intent beyond the technical.

this turned out rather well despite feeling
pretty shaky this dark, wet, cold morning.

the day job was a bear this last week and
once again my ambition is outpaced by time.
however, Small Hotel inches closer each day.
should be all wrapped by the end of the week.
then it's off to the printer; so on and so forth,
eventually finding it's way to your hands.

I hope.


secrets in the morning.

(a field drawing from a life unlived.)

I'm sorry for the lack of recent updates;
life's been hectic and tragic and beautiful.

Small Hotel | volume two is being assembled.
finessing a few pieces and waiting for the
last rays to fall into their final places.

and then it'll be done and we'll rest and move on.


Chinese New Year

happy Chinese New Year!!
year of the water dragon.


the heart of winter

working on an interim Small Hotel book.
I'd like to get it out pretty soon, but that
ends up depending on how quickly I can
actually get the work done, and printed.

10x8 portrait format - 16-20 pages - $8-10

just a fun little diversion while I figure out
the actual Small Hotel | volume two and how
I'm going to print it and pay for it etc.

the 30 Days book from 3A Publishing should be
out before too long, but Ashley has some other
books in line first. we'll get there soon enough.


talk of yesterday

(30 minute gestural)

with no plans or destination we dashed
into the night and found ourselves in a
vortex of friendship. we stumbled over
our pasts and futures and when the clock
struck twelve we kissed and yelled and
raised our glasses to our possible futures
and probable pasts.

thank you, friends. for being old and new
all at once. for being you, for being us,
and for being with us.

we are so glad we found you.

say tomorrow and...