thirty of thirty

"I'm sorry you're having trouble... goodbye."


"every ending is a beginning begging to get back in."


...whatever. done. on to the next thing!


Small Hotel...

anyone who digs the architecture stuff
should check out William Wray
if you don't already know his stuff.

two days left, then we'll start work
on 30 Days of Shit. I'll also be
starting work on Small Hotel two
and hopefully have that out shortly
after the 30 Days book with Ashley.


the first gang...

with initiation by flowers...

one more dark floral arrangement.


shadows and pretentious titles.

this is a terrible picture. sorry.

this was a painting I started on
over the summer. but I got stuck.
it was never a drawing first...
and that was my first mistake.

so I went back and did this today
to figure out where I went wrong.

was kinda fast and loose with it.


patterns in the dirt

need to loosen up a bit.
I've been feeling stiff.
so, I just kinda went...
until I knew I was done.

I wanted to add a hand;
a flower, but I couldn't
commit to anything. so...

this picture sucks. the
light is awful right now.
but, you'll see it better
in the book with Ashley.

30 Days of Shit, coming soon!!


broken homes where once were gardens

I drew this telephone pole I loved,
but it as boring, so I set it aside
and drew this girl... but she needed
something. so, I cut and taped and
this was born.

I'd like to take this idea and turn
it into a proper painted piece at
some point down the road, maybe.



the top of a building I love.

another skinny girl,

...another small hotel; another sad scene
plays out in an ethnically segmented
part of town. "

this one kinda fell apart on me...

no idea what you were sent here for...

I just kinda went on this one.
no idea, no intent. I like it.

forget the scenes, the faces...

internet is back. so, back updating.

was real short on time with this one.


My Internet at home is down.
Should be fixed tomorrow.
I've posted via twitter and
over at the 3A boards.

Will resume regular updates here ASAP.


the closest you can come...

I'm back to the job today,
so just a quicky and I'm off...

tomorrow might be a bit dodgy
as well. sorry in advance.