things gone and things still here.

(a work in progress...)

one year ago I started this blog
with the intent of posting one
drawing each week for a year.

one month after that Ashley Wood
challenged me to do sixty drawings
in as many days; upon completion,
52 drawings in a year didn't seem
as substantial anymore, so...

I kept drawing at a rabbit's pace,
posting inconsequential nothings
and pieces that would become bones
of adjacent directions. I turned
thirty one, released a book, picked
up a last minute show, suffered a
lasting bout of blockage, solidified
ideas and kept moving and breathing
and eating and sleeping and dreaming
and loving and drawing as the days
grew longer; now shorter, and here
we are in the heart of Autumn,
bringing the year to a close.

we will not go out with a whimper:

in November I'll have a few small
3A Toys related drawings up at the
1AM Gallery in San Francisco CA.

I will also be doing one drawing
a day for the month of November.

December will see the
start of work on a new Small Hotel
hopefully out early in the new year.

...and a secret thing...

hope to see you back here in four days
for thirty one all new drawings. daily.