Happy Halloween!

(Zombkin ©Ashley Wood)

Ash and I are both doing a month of drawing.
he hurt a nerve in his back in Hong Kong, so...

we will start as soon as we can.
sorry for the hold up. it'll be worth it.

happy halloween.


things gone and things still here.

(a work in progress...)

one year ago I started this blog
with the intent of posting one
drawing each week for a year.

one month after that Ashley Wood
challenged me to do sixty drawings
in as many days; upon completion,
52 drawings in a year didn't seem
as substantial anymore, so...

I kept drawing at a rabbit's pace,
posting inconsequential nothings
and pieces that would become bones
of adjacent directions. I turned
thirty one, released a book, picked
up a last minute show, suffered a
lasting bout of blockage, solidified
ideas and kept moving and breathing
and eating and sleeping and dreaming
and loving and drawing as the days
grew longer; now shorter, and here
we are in the heart of Autumn,
bringing the year to a close.

we will not go out with a whimper:

in November I'll have a few small
3A Toys related drawings up at the
1AM Gallery in San Francisco CA.

I will also be doing one drawing
a day for the month of November.

December will see the
start of work on a new Small Hotel
hopefully out early in the new year.

...and a secret thing...

hope to see you back here in four days
for thirty one all new drawings. daily.


January Arms

I was 19 when I bought my first Mac.
it did not belong to the school.
it did not belong to someone else.
it was mine. it had my name in it.
it was Sail's Mac.

since then the entirety of my adult
creative output has been made on a Mac.
whether it was music made entirely
on a Mac, or using Photoshop and
Safari to put my shitty drawings
out into the world, there was
always an Apple computer at the
heart of what I was doing.

and I hope there always will be.

my first Mac changed my life.
I don't know that I'd be sitting
here now, the person that I am,
doing the things that I'm doing
had I not bought that first G4.

it allowed me to, not only create,
but the limitations were removed
and I could think differently
than I had the previous 18 years...

and I never looked back.

thank you, Steve.

sent from my iMac