shrinking violet

still drawing every day.
ink plays so fast on the
moleskine paper. love it.


you have not come so far in the dark

I'm thinking about making a very limited
edition hand bound book. fine art prints,
and one original, all sewn up by myself.

this would be extremely limited (10?)
I'm doing the logistics on it to see
if it's actually a feasible reality.

this is the test run I made. I love it.


done and done.

finished up the 60in60 challenge
Ashley Wood gave me, on Sunday.
here's a PDF of most of them.
a couple were never rescanned
and are not present in this.
oh well...

I am still drawing every day.
will show as I feel appropriate.
drawing for myself at the moment.


Villa del Mar

I finished up the last of the
60drawing/60days yesterday.

another drawing from the run.
liked how this sign turned out.

on to the next thing, now...
what will that be?
I don't know, but stay tuned.



four more left in the 60day challenge
Ashley Wood gave me. Been a challenge,
a joy, a struggle, a heart break...


Corvus Corax

day 48 of 60.
study in realistic skull masks.
I'm rather happy with this one.




Oh, happy New Year!!

Been busy; forgetting to update.

so, things. this week. promise.

this one's day 17 (with color).
easily one of my favorites.