thirty of thirty

"I'm sorry you're having trouble... goodbye."


"every ending is a beginning begging to get back in."


...whatever. done. on to the next thing!


Small Hotel...

anyone who digs the architecture stuff
should check out William Wray
if you don't already know his stuff.

two days left, then we'll start work
on 30 Days of Shit. I'll also be
starting work on Small Hotel two
and hopefully have that out shortly
after the 30 Days book with Ashley.


the first gang...

with initiation by flowers...

one more dark floral arrangement.


shadows and pretentious titles.

this is a terrible picture. sorry.

this was a painting I started on
over the summer. but I got stuck.
it was never a drawing first...
and that was my first mistake.

so I went back and did this today
to figure out where I went wrong.

was kinda fast and loose with it.


patterns in the dirt

need to loosen up a bit.
I've been feeling stiff.
so, I just kinda went...
until I knew I was done.

I wanted to add a hand;
a flower, but I couldn't
commit to anything. so...

this picture sucks. the
light is awful right now.
but, you'll see it better
in the book with Ashley.

30 Days of Shit, coming soon!!


broken homes where once were gardens

I drew this telephone pole I loved,
but it as boring, so I set it aside
and drew this girl... but she needed
something. so, I cut and taped and
this was born.

I'd like to take this idea and turn
it into a proper painted piece at
some point down the road, maybe.



the top of a building I love.

another skinny girl,

...another small hotel; another sad scene
plays out in an ethnically segmented
part of town. "

this one kinda fell apart on me...

no idea what you were sent here for...

I just kinda went on this one.
no idea, no intent. I like it.

forget the scenes, the faces...

internet is back. so, back updating.

was real short on time with this one.


My Internet at home is down.
Should be fixed tomorrow.
I've posted via twitter and
over at the 3A boards.

Will resume regular updates here ASAP.


the closest you can come...

I'm back to the job today,
so just a quicky and I'm off...

tomorrow might be a bit dodgy
as well. sorry in advance.


...in the dead of night

I'd be pretty remiss if I didn't make
one of these black pieces a creepy bird.

these are still unreasonably hard to
photograph... sigh.


tattoo you

yes, the obvious title was Back in Black.

anyway, a return to the darkness. I really
enjoy doing these. it allows (or requires)
me to use an entirely different tool set.

this piece also sparked an idea as I was
working on it; an evolving piece. this
is neither the time nor place for that,
so I carried on and left it as planned.
but maybe digitally I'll play with the
idea some time down the road... or not.

if this is your tattoo, or you know who's
it is, holla. I can't recall where I found
the reference picture of the tattoo.


the best laid plans

sorry, gotta run.
will have to finish up
the building bits later.

just as well. something
in this is off, and I
need some fresh eyes...

wanted teetering;
tricky perspective.


part two.

day 15. begin part two.

this has a background.
I was short on room so
I drew it on a separate
sheet of paper...

sometimes the best thing
for a piece is to do the
elements separately.

Small Hotel | volume two
will have it completed.



picked up a copy of Jon Muth's
Zen Ghosts last night and got
caught up in fox masks and
Japanese Kitsune mythology.

I love masks. ever the trickster.


a small bird...

prepares to take flight as
an otherwise ordinary moment
plays out on the streets below.

this still needs something.
what, I am not sure. some
fresh eyes are needed and
mine are anything but.


a moveable feast

"You expected to be sad in the fall.
Part of you died each year when the
leaves fell from the trees and their
branches were bare against the wind
and the cold, wintery light."

- Hemingway

happy thanksgiving.



one of my favorite signs ever.
the decayed beauty of a once
and proud giant, now a relic.


the return against gravity

the architectural moldings take
way to fucking long to draw, but
I really love the look of 'em.

this needs some adjustments,
and maybe a bird somewhere,
but it's late & my back hurts.


an object...

of general attention among the worthy.


friends gone and friends still here.

just a quickie today.

I'm off to work a benefit for my
best friend who had a heart attack
a few months back; followed swiftly
by the birth of his first child.

see you tomorrow.



natural light

(edited to add new photo)

barely made it under the wire today.

last night a bowl broke in my hand
and gashed open my left thumb. so,
on top of other appointments, I was
a little slower on getting this done
than I would have liked. but I'm done.

once again, this was hard to photograph.
I'll re take it in natural light...


a hush fell...

I got a little bored about halfway down,
so I mixed it up and broke out the paint.

this was terribly hard to photograph.
oh well. you'll see it in the book.



adjacent bones

been pretty gloomy around here lately.
an especially dark and rainy Autumn.
probably keep reflecting in the work.

I got a complaint about the watermarks.
believe me, I hate them, too. but...
I hope this is at least a little better?

I have a book in the upper right
that you can purchase from blurb.
all get you some form of discount.

I'll have another book coming soon.
...and then that other book. books!!


blogger is having some wide spread image hosting problems.
Images might disappear here and there. I have no control over it.
I'll reupload them as soon as you or I notice. Thanks for the heads up.


a slow parade

I wait at this intersection most days of my life.


Sparrow Teeth

daily drawing. here we go. day one.

per Ash, we're only taking pictures.
can't adjust mistakes in photoshop.
just pure, as it is on the paper.
all the corrections and blemishes
and hand smeared bits of ink...

if you're coming over from Ash's blog
thanks for looking; hope you see
something you like and stick around.
hit the follow button or leave a comment.

see ya tomorrow!


Happy Halloween!

(Zombkin ©Ashley Wood)

Ash and I are both doing a month of drawing.
he hurt a nerve in his back in Hong Kong, so...

we will start as soon as we can.
sorry for the hold up. it'll be worth it.

happy halloween.


things gone and things still here.

(a work in progress...)

one year ago I started this blog
with the intent of posting one
drawing each week for a year.

one month after that Ashley Wood
challenged me to do sixty drawings
in as many days; upon completion,
52 drawings in a year didn't seem
as substantial anymore, so...

I kept drawing at a rabbit's pace,
posting inconsequential nothings
and pieces that would become bones
of adjacent directions. I turned
thirty one, released a book, picked
up a last minute show, suffered a
lasting bout of blockage, solidified
ideas and kept moving and breathing
and eating and sleeping and dreaming
and loving and drawing as the days
grew longer; now shorter, and here
we are in the heart of Autumn,
bringing the year to a close.

we will not go out with a whimper:

in November I'll have a few small
3A Toys related drawings up at the
1AM Gallery in San Francisco CA.

I will also be doing one drawing
a day for the month of November.

December will see the
start of work on a new Small Hotel
hopefully out early in the new year.

...and a secret thing...

hope to see you back here in four days
for thirty one all new drawings. daily.


January Arms

I was 19 when I bought my first Mac.
it did not belong to the school.
it did not belong to someone else.
it was mine. it had my name in it.
it was Sail's Mac.

since then the entirety of my adult
creative output has been made on a Mac.
whether it was music made entirely
on a Mac, or using Photoshop and
Safari to put my shitty drawings
out into the world, there was
always an Apple computer at the
heart of what I was doing.

and I hope there always will be.

my first Mac changed my life.
I don't know that I'd be sitting
here now, the person that I am,
doing the things that I'm doing
had I not bought that first G4.

it allowed me to, not only create,
but the limitations were removed
and I could think differently
than I had the previous 18 years...

and I never looked back.

thank you, Steve.

sent from my iMac


Snow Day

11x17 ink on paper.
snow added in Photoshop.
based on an image by Trenton Matthews.



Goodbye Propeller comes down in a week.

Goodbye, Goodbye Propeller.



thanks to everyone who came out to the show.
I'm very proud of the final results.

I'm going to jump into the sketch editions
and some works that didn't make it into the
show because of the time constraints.

for some reason comments was turned off.
they are back on, so, leave a comment.


Goodbye Propeller

my new show Goodbye Propeller opens tomorrow.
come down after 6pm and say hi if you're local.

sales inqueries: r_sail at hotmail dot com
my book Small Hotel can be purchased here.



sorry for the lack of updates.
I'll have several new works up
at the Alibi Room on Wednesday.
come on down and check it out.

so yeah, I've been busy.

Alibi Room website



Goodbye Propeller

I'm having a small show in June.
here's a prelim for one of the pieces.

working on making a special book piece
just for the show. small run, hand sewn.
details to follow if it comes together.


Small Hotel | volume one

it's my birthday today; you can buy my book.

Small Hotel | volume one
10x8 landscape. softcover.
40 pages - $40


Small Hotel | volume one.

Small Hotel | volume one.
10x8 landscape. softcover.
40 pages - 40 USD.

on sale tomorrow!!

still a few sketch editions left...


Small Hotel sketch edition.

sketch editions. you asked; I answered.

edition of 25. $150 shipped (lower 48)

I'm not going to offer this for each vol.
so, if you want one, this is your chance.
contact me for ordering or more info.

sketches will come loose, on 8x10 paper
with "small hotel | volume one" type.
signed and hand numbered.

sorry for the lack up updates. been busy
trying to get the book ready for the 15th.


Small Hotel (teaser)

40 pages. 8x10. full color. $40
I'm shooting for April 15th.

Charles Brock is doing some
terrific design work for it.
This is his handy work.
I added the date...
don't blame him.

thanks for looking.



burst and bloom.

thinking about a new show.
maybe a bloom-centric show.
people liked bloom a lot
at the last show...

I have some ideas.

(this update is a stall
but I love this drawing)


unbury your burden

more sketchbook scribbles.
I really love this one.

working on putting the book
together. cover is chosen
and designed; just picking
through the material. still
drawing every day, so the
content is always changing.

at this rate, more books
will follow soon, I hope.

stay tuned.


good morning, fire eater

I keep forgetting to update...
from the sketchbook.


shrinking violet

still drawing every day.
ink plays so fast on the
moleskine paper. love it.


you have not come so far in the dark

I'm thinking about making a very limited
edition hand bound book. fine art prints,
and one original, all sewn up by myself.

this would be extremely limited (10?)
I'm doing the logistics on it to see
if it's actually a feasible reality.

this is the test run I made. I love it.