Been challenged by Ashley Wood, so...
taking a detour from weekly to daily.
this is day 5, and easily my favorite.
perfectly timed to be the weekly post.

I'll add the other days drawings when
I eventually go get them all scanned.


gesture drawing

spent a lot of time drawing this week.
everything felt really rigid and stiff.
works for buildings, but felt I needed
to loosen up, so I did some fast gesture
drawing yesterday. for better or worse.

I'll probably show more over the week.


small hotel

I spent a lot of time and effort
on this week's drawing.
unfortunately the scan came out
rather poor. The felt paper I draw
on has a lot of tooth, similar to
coldpress watercolor paper. It's
never easy to scan in the blacks.

Once I have a scanner at home again
this week, I'll be able to spend the
time rather than money to get better
scans of some of these.

more info about this piece will follow...
hopefully sooner than later.


self titled

sometimes you just can't save a drawing.
here's the header image as a replacement.
it's just been that kind of a week. sorry.


1st &...

Another one from a few months
back. Always was a big hit
with the kids. I blame the
seductive allure of spot color.


businesses are open.

Mid-week update.

Did a bunch of life-drawing
over the summer. I tried to
capture the oxidized copper
look of these old things.

Hard to do in black & white.